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Desert in Dark


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Capturing the French King

Thankfully before the Covid19 outbreak I was lucky enough to travel through Europe. We visited countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK.

But during my time in Paris and more specifically Versailles I was overcome with the opulence and the extravagance of the palace, its multitude of gardens and orangeries. It was during this time that a composition was forming in my head for a fragrance. I wanted to create a fragrance that embodied the French court, specifically that of Louis XIV.

I imagined it to be bright, warm yet fresh, with undertones of floral. It would need to have an animalistic sensual dry down that would comfort, intrigue and entice. It needed to be worthy of a King (or Queen) and it needed a subtle extravagance that would appeal to all.

Now that I am back, reliving in my mind the journey through Versailles, it is unmistakable what I must do... Create the perfume which would pay homage to Louis XIV, the Sun King.

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