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Desert in Dark


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Something is coming...

We will soon be announcing a new range that will be available in Australia only (for now) that will be very close to our hearts in terms of how it will be presented. Stay tuned...


We have also been busy promoting our current range in photographic series 'Palisades' to highlight our high end ranges of glass mode fragrances in both 50ml and 10ml variants.

With a special emphasise on the 10ml modes for their versatility in both mobility and cost. For the fragrance collector it can be very cumbersome to have to purchase full bottles of product when you may only use fractional amounts over a large collection. Our 10ml modes are perfect for the collector whilst our 50ml modes are aimed at the everyday user who still likes to change up their scent from time to time.


Also not to be overlooked, our 2 latest releases!

Tomorrow | It always is, yet never was.

The freshness of today, with the memory of yesterday. The memory of yesterday, with the promise of tomorrow.

Yesterdays memory lingers into today but tomorrow is unhindered and completely untouched.

Its burdens are great but it carries none. Tomorrow only exists between yesterday and today it never lives but never dies.

  • French Bergamot, Cool Lime & Cardomom

  • Nutmeg, Vetiver & Sweet Tobacco

  • Muguet, Cedar & Sweet Amber


La’Rita | She smiles as she passes him by. Her perfume subtle. The bright clear day awake with scents from her garden. The lush green lawn is neatly trimmed, the flowerbeds alive with colour.

His aftershave rises with the increase in his heartbeat. He smiles back as he leans against the ancient lemon tree, watching her draw in the crisp white sheets dried by the afternoon sun.

  • Lemon, Freesia & Floral Accord

  • Moroccan Rose & Green Accord

  • Green Tea, Nutmeg & Ambroxan


Our thank you to you

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