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Desert in Dark


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As promised, being on this exclusive mailing list you have 8 hours on the rest of the world for this surprise release on the next House of James Parfum.

Taking a page from the book of Taylor Swift we would love to introduce you to Athénaïs, the newest eau de parfum from House of James.

His Majesty’s scent still lingers on her body, her perfumed corset, sweet with Gardenia and Rose is tighter than any other, but being Maitresse en Titre comes at a cost. The court senses the Sun King, but it is she who truly rules the court…She is Athénaïs.

  • Sicilian Mandarin, French Bergamot & Freesia

  • Oriental Accords & Gardenia

  • Black Agar & Floral Woods

The more feminine side of our debut fragrance Sun King is as fleeting as the mistress of Louis XIV and even more limited, get yours quickly!

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