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Desert in Dark


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The end of an era?

It was late in 2020 when the news came. Our major supplier in Los Angeles, who we'd had a relationship with since 2005, was selling up and moving on.

It was a time of unrest as our stocks of the Euroflections series were dwindling and our 3 new stand alone pieces had only introductory quantities composed.

The owners did say that the new operators would honour the stocklist and all the proprietary accords that our business relied heavily on, but come 2021...

I watched all the accords and the materials that were so essential to House of James vanish before my eyes. A whole new website was launched with less than 20% of what the old site had and my heart sank.

Emails back and forth kept some hope, but as time went on, it was looking worse and worse. Until the final email came which said "We will not be recreating any of the former owners composition formulas". That was it, that spelt the end of our current lines.

The way forward from here?

I am already working on reformulations of our 5 Euroflections pieces as they are the capstone to our beginning and need to be in our house line up, but these requiem pieces will not be replicas, they won't be the same, they will be what I hope to be, better versions of themselves. They will likely be released one at a time over the next however long, but we have 3 collaboration pieces that will launch first.

Long story short, we have very few products from our original lines left, so if you've ever loved any of our fragrances, or wanted to try them, now is the only time to it!

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