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Desert in Dark


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Welcome to Hyde Park

London was our very first stop on our European adventure, so having this fragrance as the full stop to this series felt very poetic and just.

For me, London was the first taste of 'real' European cold. It was exhilarating and so crisp it had a taste. I loved it.

Our first stroll in London was essentially through Lancaster Gates and into the world of parks and gardens that make up the area more commonly known as Hyde Park. I saw my first live squirrel and was entranced like a 4 year old child.

One of my favourite things is moss, the 2 weeks per year that is survives at our home is always a happy time for me, so seeing it grow almost everywhere in London was a dream, have my photocell from London consists of different objects covered in lively green moss, or the foggy early morning mist in the gardens.

Being winter in Europe you can imagine the air was moist, cool, and a little dank. Thus inspired the concept for Hyde Park (our fragrance). Not only did I want to create something that would remind me of those winter strolls through the parks, but something that could be worn and take on its own meaning within the concept itself.

Accords that I created took on the scent of Autumn Rain: sweet, cool and wet. To which I added the brightness and freshness of a Bergamot Lime to give a cool yet sweet freshness to the top notes.

How to embed the greenery and freshness of the manicured London parks? Green notes lended a fresh mowed lawn aspect, while a fougere accord and amber rounded out the feel of being within a dense park or forest even. The addition of immortelle was something from left field which I added as a nod the burnt brown sugary treats on offer at the fair in Hyde Park during the Christmas season.

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