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Desert in Dark


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What's next for House Of James?

After the successful launch of the Euroflections Series comprising 5 unisex Eau De Parfums: Sun King [Paris, France], Berlin NYE [Berlin, Germany], Rambla Del Mar [Barcelona, Spain], Tantomonta [Granada, Spain] & Hyde Park [London, UK], creator Justin James has raised the bar to create a fragrance not based on a memory or a place, but a feeling...

In the coming weeks we begin to promote this new (also unisex) fragrance by posting little hints in the form of literary riddles and cryptic lines. Justin James will also be filming his thoughts and ideas on the fragrance and how the concept came to fruition.

Those on this mailing list will get the jump on the rest of the world when this new scent becomes available to order online. Stay tuned!

As a thank you for your continued support of The Muse, please accept the below code for 20% off any Parfum purchase!

[ TMTHANKSU ] Enter this code at checkout by clicking "Have a coupon code? Below your purchase summary.

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