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Audacity | eau de parfum


Perfumer | Justin James     Release | 2024     Gender | Unisex/Masc


In the clandestine streets of Nocturna, Audacity emerges as a dark masterpiece. Vetiver, a bold prelude, entices with its dark allure, while the elusive violet weaves an enigmatic charm. A surprising twist of cucumber lends a cool freshness, reminiscent of moonlit intrigue. As the night deepens, oakmoss takes center stage, an ancient cloak of mystery enveloping the senses.

Amidst the shadowy gardens, champaca flowers bloom, their haunting fragrance dancing with the whispers of the night. The journey concludes with the resonant embrace of cedar, an audacious echo lingering in the obsidian realm. Audacity isn't merely a scent; it's an olfactory odyssey, an invitation to explore the daring depths of one's spirit in the heart of Nocturna's secrets.


Violet, Cucumber & Champaca

Dew, Vetiver & Cool Floral Accord

Wood Accord, Oakmoss & Cedar


Stay tuned for more from the realm of Nocturna


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