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Retrograde | eau de parfum


Perfumer | Justin James     Release | 2024     Gender | Unisex


Retrograde, a fragrance born in the sultry embrace of a neon-drenched city night, weaves a hypnotic tale of confidence, clandestine encounters, and irresistible allure. Its gourmand symphony unfolds with smoky tendrils, where seductive vanilla meets the warmth of amber, entwined with the rich depth of sandalwood. As the night deepens, a cloak of cashmere musk envelopes, leaving a lingering trail of confident sensuality. This olfactory masterpiece captures the essence of dark back rooms, whispered secrets, and the heady dance of desire, inviting the wearer to embrace the intoxicating mystery of the night.


Sandalwood, Vanilla Accord, Smoke

Gourmand Accord, Cashmere

Cedar, Wood Accord & Amber


If you liked Berlin NYE, you'll love this!


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