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Santoflor | eau de parfum


The essence of the divine encapsulated in a fragrance. With notes of Champaca, Vetiver, Violet, Cedar, Moss, Oakmoss, and a surprising touch of Cucumber, it weaves a story of sacred balance. The rare Champaca blossom, harvested under the moon's glow, intertwines with earthy Vetiver, creating a harmonious blend symbolizing the delicate equilibrium of nature and spirituality.

Violet undertones add mystique, while robust Cedarwood signifies strength, mirroring the essence of sacred groves. Moss and Oakmoss entwine in an olfactory dance reminiscent of enchanted forests. Unexpectedly, a crisp Cucumber note emerges, a nod to the pure, rejuvenating waters that flow through the heart of existence.

Santoflor invites wearers on a sensory journey through the timeless connection between humanity and the divine, a fragrant tapestry of ancient rituals and blooming spirituality.


Grapefruit, Cucumber & Apple

Violet, Tuberose & White Floral Accord

Cashmere, White Musk & Soft Wood Accord


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